Saturday, 29 July 2017

Crimean War Russian Line Infantry

The start of another project as there's a little space in my 19th century schedule available with the "temporary" completion of the 1866 project. For a while I've been toying with the idea of gaming the  Crimean War, and a few favourable purchases have seen me amass most of the required lead for a reasonable price.

The first figures painted are 28mm Ebor Miniatures Crimean Russians, painted as line infantry. The flags are Venners Flags available from Caliver Books

These figures are exceptionally good value at £13 for a unit of 24 'metal' figures. They paint up very quickly, these 48 were painted together over a 4-6 hour period (mostly by using an ink was for the greatcoats, and keeping the rest of the paint work simple). All in all I'm really pleased with the speed of painting and the look of the finished units, so much so that I've already painted another 48 as Grenadiers (currently being based), and undercoated 48 more. In total I will will be painting 8 units of 24 infantry.  

There will also be British....

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