Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Crimean War Russian Infantry

I've finished the Crimean War Russian foot, 8 regiments of 24 figures. These are all 28mm Ebor Miniatures with Venners flags. I think this was quite possibly the quickest set of figures I've painted, managing to do them in 48 figure batches. The painting style has been kept simple, though I'm pondering whether I should have gone for a shiny gloss varnish instead of matt. Still varnishing decision aside I'm pleased with the outcome as I think they look pretty impressive on mass. 

The history behind this project is firmly rooted in the acquisition of some Crimean War British that were going cheap, this eventually led me to looking for some Russians and I settled on Ebor Miniatures because of the value for money, especially as this was an accidental project.....sort of. I did however get into a lengthy discussion with PayPal who kindly froze my account over a payment for the Crimean War British that I ordered. Despite explaining at great length that the reference was in connection with a mid 19th century conflict and concerned toy soldiers, I was informed that the transaction was in breach of the trade embargo. Eventually a photo of the embargoed goods cleared the situation up. So from this international arms dealer come sanction buster.....who ever said this hobby wasn't interesting....until next time...

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  1. Most impressive mass effect with these Russian units, congrats!

    1. Thanks Phil, a worthwhile distraction from the 18th century....