Sunday, 5 July 2015

Early Achaemenid Persian Command Chariot - Based

Finished basing the Command Base for my Early Achaemenid Persian army, this will serve as the Great King until I can get the Warlord Games model. I'll add flock tufts etc. at a later date once I decide how I want this army to look as a whole.

The model is from First Corps Miniatures, who have a nice range of Achaemenid Persians at reasonable prices, with discounted unit deals. Really enjoyed painting this model up, the only small criticism is that I had to chop the front of the drives foot off in order to fit both models into the chariot; all in all a minor observation as it can't be seen on the finished piece.
All in all a nice model, ready to rumble.....

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    1. Cheers Phil, nice model enjoyed painting it, makes me want to do more there's a thought!