Sunday, 26 July 2015

Early Achaemenid Sparabara

The first unit of Sparabara, these are 28mm figures; in the front rank are Crusader Miniatures spearmen and command, the rear rank archers are Miniature Design Studio figures. I think they are an excellent match compatibility wise for each other.
These are the infantry core of my army, there are initially 3 more units of Sparabara to come, more are planned but I will have to figure out where the figures are and how many I have. I think I have enough for at least another 2 units somewhere in storage.
The reason why I keep referring to unknown quantities of figures somewhere in storage is that I often buy figures in an ad hoc fashion. I know what armies I'm collecting, and whenever I go to a show I tend to grab a few extra packs that may be on offer or not as the mood takes me. As a consequence I have boxes of lead that quite often offer up little treasures I have forgotten about. One such lost and found gem is for my Early Achaemenid Persians which I am currently painting up, pictures will follow once it is painted and based.
But for now back to the Sparabara...

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