Thursday, 23 July 2015

WWI Trench Systems

A departure from the usual, these are the latest pieces I'm painting up for the collection of my friend Peter, he already has quite an impressive WWI trench layout, and these are the latest additions. The trenches are from Urban Construct in the UK. They are for 28mm figures and look impressive when all set up on the table.

Painted in craft acrylics and Foundry Canvas (Shade) for the sand bags, I've mixed the paint to match the earlier pieces I painted.
The next stage is to paint over Army Painter Strong Tone, this gives another layer of shading and adds that all important protection. Then leave to cure and a final spray with the matt varnish. I'll be leaving them longer than the recommended period as I've previously had a narrowly averted disaster with the Army Painter dip not being completely dry and reacting with the varnish to look crinkled. Fortunately it was on a block house for FIW, so actually looks okay as it was most pronounced on the logs (doubt I could repeat it though!)

There will be a return to Achaemenid Persians next update as I've been very busy since my last post and the army is coming together nicely.

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