Sunday, 26 April 2015

Late Seventeenth Century - Earl of Abercorn Horse

In an earlier post I showed some 28mm Front Rank Miniatures that I had just started to prepare for painting. Pictures of the finished figures are below, they are painted as The Earl of Abercorn's horse for the Jacobite Army during the Williamite and Jacobite Wars in Ireland for the collection of Alec Brown. Painting reference from the League of Augsburg.

Keep an eye on the Seventeenth Century Gallery on the Front Rank website (the link can be found at the top of the page) for the finished unit (flag added, beautifully based and  photographed).

Below is a link to a previous unit I painted for Alec, these can be seen in the Front Rank Seventeenth Century Gallery, they are 28mm Sarsfields Horse.

Click on pictures to enlarge

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