Sunday, 19 April 2015

Salute 2015 Countdown

Looking forward to Salute this year, and it's less than a week away. Will be taking the camera and hoping to get lots of pictures to share of the games on show.

Already started my pre-show preparation -

  • Pre-order placed (been good this year - honest!), not letting on what yet, all will be revealed.
  • Tickets bought, new style this year - e-tickets will be interested to see how this works.
  • Read through the games list for this year, marked a off a few as must see, and will enjoy milling around admiring the others if past years are anything to go by.
  • Started some sort of purchase plan, easier said than done when pitched into the veritable candy store for gamers, though my resolve this year is strong. No really....
The impulse purchases are always the problem, though I do have a plan for this year and am determined to stick to it. That is despite the waves of Salute releases on offer, and yes I am tempted by more than one. If I was to pick one out in particular it would be Dead Man's Hand Down Under, this caught my eye with the showing of the wonderful Kelly Gang figures (no relation).

In advance I'd like to give my thanks and appreciation to the South London Warlords for hosting this show; events of this kind take a huge amount of work and dedication; which this gamer for one is extremely grateful.

So, the Salute countdown begins....

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