Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 Pictures 1

Fantastic day at Salute yesterday. I've taken lots of pictures to share, apologies for anyone whose game I missed, it was not intentional (I meant to circle back when the tables were a little less congested, but my sore feet got the better of me).

Must say that the e-ticket system seemed to work well, a bit of a free for all at the end, but to say it was busy would be an understatement.

Lots of fantastic tables displayed, very friendly gamers keen to showcase their particular game. There was a wide variety of games to see, something for all, this is surely a sign of the health of the hobby.

Sadly I missed getting one of the few Lathgertha figures available on the day from Annie The Dice Bag Lady, want this figure for a Warlord in a SAGA Warband I'm creating for my girls, so looking forward to seeing more of this type of figure being released. I'll be placing a pre-order.
If you're interested go to

Later in the day I managed to get to the Front Rank stand to drop off the figures I'd painted for Alec (more of these in another post). Picked up my pre-order, this should keep me busy for a while...

Met some old friends, some new, all in all a good day, and I left the show with a renewed vigour for the hobby.

Now onto the interesting bit, Show pictures -

Click picture to enlarge

Not Sure who as running this game, but spotted the little Ogre

Some ACW loveliness, afraid I seem to have mixed up the owners of the games.

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