Saturday, 2 January 2016

1866 Prussians, Infantry and Artillery

Two more infantry battalions of 4 bases each, and the first piece of artillery for my 1866 Prussians. The figures this time are Wargames Foundry, picked up off eBay cheaply and painted up quickly with the same simple paint job as the rest. They are smaller than the North Star 1866 miniatures but in their own battalions they'll be fine. This time I chose to base them on 50x50mm mdf bases, the movement trays for the other Prussians are 48mmx48mm. The reason being that I originally intended to have 4 battalions of 24 infantry, 12 cavalry and 1 artillery piece in the army, based individually so I could use the figures for skirmish games as well as Black Powder. Larger games will see 16 figure/4 base battalions as the standard infantry size, so additional units will be multi based.
The flags are from Victorian Steel and are and are for the 1st and 4th battalions of the 2nd Pomeranian.


  1. What a beautiful Prussian army!!

    1. Many thanks, what started as a whim is beginning to take hold of my interest more than I'd originally thought!