Tuesday, 26 January 2016

American Civil War Conderate Infantry 14th Tennessee

Dare I do it, another project started! I've had these 28mm Sash & Sabre figures stashed away for a rainy day,  and as everyone in the UK knows all too well it's definitely raining! In fact I remember buying these when they were first released at a Derby show, many years ago now.

It seems about the right time to paint them up, as I've already invested in suitable terrain for my AWI collection, and I've painted all the 1866 Prussian figures that I currently have (posts will follow).

At first glance these figures looked as if they were going to take some work to paint, not from any negative perspective, but just that they have some nice detailing that I thought would take a little more time. However, this was deceiving and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they painted up, and I'm very happy with the results.

The flag is material from Maverick Models, and is for the 14th Tennessee, again I'd bought these many years ago, so only had to dig them out. Bases are 40mm x 40mm.

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  1. They look motivated and beautiful, nice job!

    1. Cheers, getting ready for the rebel yell!