Friday, 29 January 2016

Guilford Courthouse

Finally finished the superb Guilford Courthouse model by Grand Manner.
This really is a beautiful model, it's also my first attempt at painting Grand Manner buildings so I think I was a little apprehensive about finishing it.
It was a good job that I did as the WSS French flags I'd been looking for were underneath the model!

There will be more Grand Manner buildings appearing on the blog as I've got a few to finish, these include the remainder of the Guilford Courthouse collection and some houses from the North European Napoleonic range for my 1866 project. Now that I've worked out how to paint the models to a standard I'm happy with I'm sure I can complete these fairly quickly (well at least quicker than my first attempt). It will make a nice change from painting miniatures.

I've always tried to add terrain to my wargames table that is as nice as I can afford, and to be honest even though Grand Manner may appear expensive at first glance, if you can paint them yourself they are actually excellent value and really look superb on the table. It really isn't as daunting as it may at first appear, though it took me a while to convince myself I could paint them to a decent standard.

The model has been painted using Foundry and Vallejo acrylics. I haven't varnished it as yet, I'll wait until the better weather arrives and apply a couple of thin coats of spray matt varnish. I'll probably add some flock/tufts to the base as well.

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  1. Great paint job on a great model

  2. Cheers Ken, very much appreciated. The GM models are amazing.