Saturday, 24 December 2016

Pig Tickling

A fun little game for Christmas, Pig Tickler, a Pax Limpopo game by Eureka Miniatures, sold in the UK by Fighting 15s. Once I saw this game I just had to get it, a perfect game in a box for Beer and Pretzels or Pint and Curry evening (whichever takes your fancy). The set contains, four lancers, an umpire, stokers and the prey, a steam driven mechanical pig. The figures will be left in a gloss varnish finish, each of the lancers has their own colours on their facings and helmet band, and looking at these pictures I think I'll add some coloured pennants to the lances for ease of recognition. The castings and service from Fighting 15s was excellent as always.

Off to tickle some pigs....

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