Thursday, 1 December 2016

Spanish Guerillas

My Spanish Napoleonic forces continue to grow, and I feel any Peninsula skirmish set needs certain troops, one is definitely some Spanish Guerillas. These are 28mm from Eagle Figures, painted simply and with a gloss finish. I particularly like the three character miniatures, Senora,  Priest and Guerilla leader. More are needed to make up an effective fighting force in Sharp Practice 2, and they are currently on the painting table.

Apologies for the shadows on the pictures, I have very little opportunity at the moment to take pictures and have to go with whatever light I have when I get a chance to take some snaps. I've taken the view something is better than nothing .....

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  1. Always glad to see this diversity of 'uniforms' and characters...very nice!

    1. Cheers Phil, the character figures are particularly nice miniatures, if pushed I think my favourite is the priest.