Friday, 9 December 2016

Spanish Fusiliers Part 2

More Spanish Napoleonic Fusiliers, and a group shot to show progress to date. These are 28mm miniatures from Eagle Figures. I still have to order flags for this project, something I'll sort out in the New Year.

I'm pleased with the way these are turning out, feels like it's starting to take shape and look the part. I'm trying desperately to stay focused on finishing the skirmish set for the Spanish before working on the French, the 15mm ancients are helping in a strange way as it only takes a short time to paint a unit, I don't get distracted with 28mm units that can take days.

I also have to paint a flag for a unit of WSS French cavalry at some point, I've been delaying this for far too long, I'm hoping to get it done over the Christmas break. It also involves painting a few flags for several planned units, I find this a nice change from painting figures but it takes me a little time to decide what to do and plan to make the most of the cotton material I use for the printer.

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