Saturday, 10 October 2015

1864 Danish Greatcoat update

I have an update on the Danish greatcoat.

I have just received two publications by Picklehaube Press from Helion & Company. One of which has uniform details for the Danish army, and states that the greatcoat is a dark greyish-black. The light blue being issued to reservists.

I've only had the chance to quickly flick through both books, jumping to the uniform sections! Initial impressions is that there is a wealth of information in both of these publications for the wargamer, and if the Second Schleswig War is of interest you'll find these full of invaluable reference material.

The two books are -

The Second Schleswig War 1864, and Iron and Blood both by Nigel J Smith and available from Helion & Company.

Thanks in particular go to legatus hedlius who opened the question of the greatcoat colour on the TMP Forum, please see comments section on the Help please post for the link.

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