Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Early Achaemenid Persian Sparabara

Finished these a while ago and just managed to organise myself to take some photos.
Two additional units of Sparabara, this time 32 figures strong.

The figures in each of new units are 28mm Miniature Design Studios (which I believe are now available from Caliver Books). I really like these figures, especially the way in which the front ranks look engaged. They are nice to paint, and match pretty well with Crusader Miniatures (as can be seen in the other units).

The Sparabara form the backbone of my Early Achaemenid Persian infantry, I still have a couple more units to paint but they will probably have to wait while I concentrate on other projects for a while. That's not to say that there will be no more ancients on the blog until then, far from it.

I've also included a group shot of the 4 Sparabara units that I've completed to date.

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  1. They do look fantastic, superb paint job, shields are so impressive!

    1. Cheers, hoping they can also perform on the table!