Friday, 30 October 2015

Sikh Infantry, Dragoons and Artillery

I've made a bit of a start on the Sikh Army. The figures are 1/72nd Newline Designs.
Flag is by The Virtual Armchair General.
I'm finding the figures quick to paint in comparison to the usual 28mm and a pleasant alternative. 

First up are some Sikh infantry, Fauj-i-ain (regular infantry).
A Dragoon Regiment (I need to pick up command because I neglected to place these on my order!),  and finally some Sikh Artillery. These are probably my favourite arm of the Sikh Army, reputed to never surrender, preferring to die with their guns, and after the bayonet was run through them they were recorded as throwing their arms around their guns and kissing them before they died.

I'm really looking forward to fielding my Sikh Wars armies, I've only just discovered the period and I'm finding it one of fascinating engagements between two well matched armies, the Sikh army has superb regular line infantry and artillery (more than a match for the British forces, and in the case of the artillery superior), only let down by the quality of the cavalry (numerically superior but not as effective as their opponents).

I've currently got a batch of irregular Sikh Infantry on the painting table, and will be working on these a bit at a time inbetween other projects, I find this approach tends to increase my output as I don't get bored with one period or type of figure.

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