Friday, 23 October 2015

Sikh Wars

This is the first posting on the mystery 20mm project - or 1/72nd Sikh Wars to be more precise.

I've been eyeing the Newline Designs 1/72nd Sikh Wars for sometime and finally decided to take the plunge. Ospreys ordered, figures arrived and all seemed to be going nicely to plan until I looked for some suitable flags...problem, all my usual sources came up blank.
It was then that the Internet came to my rescue and I found The Virtual Armchair General (TVAG) who just so happened to carry an extensive range of Sikh War Flags. Order was placed and despite being held to ransom by Customs and the Post Office the flags duly arrived. I can recommend TVAG for a rapid response and excellent customer service, all the flags you'll need for covering the First and Second Sikh Wars are available, well worth considering as you get lots of flags for your money.

The Newline miniatures are very nice, castings are crisp with a little flash which is easy to remove.

First up are a couple of units of Bengal Native Infantry Sepoys. Newline Designs do packs of 4 figures and unit deals of 24 figures. However the unit deals only contain one standard bearer (my fault for not checking first). I spent some time considering basing, unit size etc. and finally decided on 16 figure units based 4 figures to a 40mm square base. I also decided to use a single standard bearer and to incorporate the second flag on a marker base that sits behind the unit on the table. I've always preferred my game markers to be a part of the table or unit having some visual appeal rather than chits of paper or randomly placed dice (which I have the habit of picking up in error).

The marker base is for use with Black Powder rules and contains a slot for a token indicating the brigade the unit is associated with, a slot for a D6 to indicate casualties and another slot for a marker to denote shaken etc.  I will include more pictures of how I made these markers in a separate post for those interested. 

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  1. Hi....did you use the 25 or 20mm sized flags from TVAG? They look good whichever ones yu have. Shame the haven't got a GB supplier though. I too have a large (not yet started) box of Newline waiting in the queue.


    1. Hi Graham, I used the 20mm size from TVAG. Even though there is no GB supplier their customer service is excellent, Patrick really goes the extra mile to help. Good luck with the large box of metal, I'm still working through mine.

  2. Today June 2nd 2018....after languishing in the "to do" pile my Newline Sikh wars figures have finally made it to the clean up tray ready for painting. All the irregular foot and horse up first- seeing as I find painting irregularly dressed troops and especially cavalry my nemesis I'll get them done first and out of the way.