Saturday, 12 November 2016

ACW Union Artillery

These are a recent addition to my collection. I had the opportunity to acquire some painted ACW Union artillery, I've just added a little flock to the bases so that they match with the rest of the collection.
The figures are 'Old School' 28mm Connoisseur,  they have a particular charm and I'm very pleased to have them in my collection. There will be more additions to the union army as I also bought a number of miniatures that just need a few finishing touches to complete, and a large quantity of unpainted figures. I'm hoping to paint them in an style that will match the artillery.

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  1. What a wonderful (and useful!) group...very impressive, and great job on the bases (lovely flag!)!

    1. Thank you Phil, I cannot take credit for these lovely figures, I only added a little flock and hoped I didn't ruin an excellent basing job.