Friday, 18 November 2016

Caesar's Legions

Time for something a little new to start the weekend. These are the first of my Late Republican Roman units for my Caesarian army. The figures are 15mm from  Baueda Wargames. These are a brand new range funded through a recent Indiegogo campaign.

I intend to paint two armies one for the Caesarian forces and the other for the Pompeian faction in the civil wars at the end of the Republic. Combined as a Republican Roman army to face Seleucids and Pontic armies, and I'm tempted to build a Numidian army as well. I've always loved this period in history, with fabulous characters Pompey, Crassus, Sertorius, Marius, Sulla and Julius Caesar of course; as well as fantastic opponents in the shape of Vercingetorix, Mithridates, Spartacus and my favourite Jugurtha amongst others.

The figures are based for To The Strongest ancients rules, and I'm using a 100mm grid size. They are also perfect for Hail Caesar as well.

More ancients to follow......

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  1. Tasty, My 15mm Visigoths are just a bit too late to fight them!

    1. Thanks Will, you know I don't need much persuading or temptation to do another army!!! Especially as 15mm are so quick to paint.