Sunday, 20 November 2016

Static Grass

Regular viewers of my blog might have noticed that I'm very slow when it comes to finishing off bases. Part of the reason is time, but mostly getting myself organised to sit down with a large bag of static grass, apply and blow on each base, something I find really tedious. So in an attempt to make life easier for myself I bought a static grass applicator from WWS, War World Scenery Manufacturer

I opted for this version of static grass applicator as I want to use it on figure bases and make my own tufts. The unit is battery operated, simply attach the clip to your base, place static grass on the plate, hold inverted base over the plate and flick the switch, simples...

Well yes, once I got over the first 20 or so static shocks, I managed to work out a method that was more user friendly. I applied the static grass to the bases in the previous post, and below can be seen my first attempt at making tufts. The one thing I would add is when using this box it's best to lay a plastic sheet on the table, or place in a large box so that unused material can be easily retrieved for reuse.

All in all I'm really pleased with the results, WWS are excellent to deal with, lots of useful videos on their site as well for budding terrain modellers.

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