Tuesday, 1 November 2016


As part of my terrain collection I have a Norman keep, it was made for me by POP Enterprises as a commission. The palisade sections haven't lasted the ravages of time so I've been on the look out for commercial options that would match in style wise, not wanting to make them myself as I've decided to concentrate on painting figures rather than make terrain. There has been an explosion of mdf kits over the last few years and although I like GrandManner these offer a very reasonably priced alternative to quickly assembling period terrain for the wargames table.

This particular kit is 28mm scale from Sarissa Precision. Very easy to assemble and I think it's a pretty good match for my Norman Keep. Now I just need to muster suitable SAGA forces to do battle.

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  1. Seems to match well enough with the keep and it should be robust.

    1. Cheers Will, pretty pleased with the match, these should certainly stand the test of time.