Monday, 7 November 2016

Spanish Napoleonic Militia

The first offerings of a new army, this time Spanish Napoleonic's for my Sharp Practice project.
The figures are 28mm and are from Eagle Miniatures, these really are lovely sculpts, finely detailed, and crisp clean castings.

Now I really do enjoy painting Front Rank Miniatures and these would normally have been my port of call for Spanish Napoleonic's, but for this project I fancied a bit of a change and opted to see what other manufacturers have to offer. I spotted these figures form Eagle Miniatures a while ago when browsing the web and took the opportunity at the Derby show to take a closer look, and I'm glad that I did. So I've bought enough from Eagle Miniatures to field a few options from the Core forces for the Spanish in the Sharp Practice rule book.

There are more already painted in various stages of basing, some Musketeers and some of the superb Guerrilla figures. These will appear in the near future.

I'll also take some pictures of them next to the Warlord Games Portuguese and Foundry British I've already painted as a size comparison for anyone interested and post hopefully next week (good light dependent).

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  1. Love this kind of unit, diversified and beautiful clothes, great job!

    1. Thanks Phil, these are lovely figures to paint.