Saturday, 26 December 2015

Early Middle Ages - Terrain

In a previous post (Saxons 1066 - The Mustering of Fyrd), I included some of my terrain pieces as a setting. I thought that I'd show them in a bit more detail in this post.

All the buildings were from POP Enterprises, and were made as a special commission that seems a very long time ago now. Sadly Clive and Fraser (POP Enterprises) are no longer with us, but  I hope they're looking down and seeing that their exceptional pieces of modelling are still doing service and have graced many a table over the years and continue to do so.

The buildings include a number of dwellings, and a Norman Keep. The keep needs some minor repairs to the paint work where it has suffered some battle damage.

The wattle fences are Renedra plastics, great additions to any terrain collection. I chose to base mine on cut out pieces of self adhesive tiles (the flooring type), the usual wall filler, sand and pva followed, before they were painted. The fences were painted a dark brown, then drybrushed with the Foundry triage Spearshaft. The bases were then washed with 'dirty water' (dilute burnt umber) and dry brushed with Foundry triage Base Sand. The fences were left to overhang the bases slightly so thaat they can be joined up in irregular shapes for the field enclosures.

The figures beneath the Norman Keep are from the collection of Peter (aka armchairsaxon).

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