Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Scratch built fields

This post shows three scratch built fields that I managed to finish off last week.

The base is cut from the self adhesive vinyl tiles, I find they are great for basing all sorts of models on, the only draw back can be a slight warping on larger pieces. The ploughed field is a cut off from a ribbed cloth table mat, picked up cheaply from my local Wilkinsons store. Once the mat is stuck down with PVA glue, the egdes of the vinyl tile are coated in PVA and sand. Small gravel was added, I use aquarium gravel (only because I have a bag going spare). Once dried, the whole is given a 'dirty' wash (diluted burnt umber acrylic paint) and then set aside to dry. The final touches are dry brushing the sand, stones and adding flock and any other tufts and flowers that take your fancy.

I kept the walls low on these fields as I wanted a broken down look. They can also do service for 15mm as well.

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  1. Nice job on these fields, love the little walls around...

    1. Cheers Phil, glad to hear you like the walls, turned out as I wanted.